Project Name: Englewood

Location: Clapham

Date Completed: June 2018

Architect: Alberto Rocosa

Interior Designer: Katie Downing & Leah Townsend

Construction Company: BTL Property

An internal reconfiguration and ground floor side in fill transforms a narrow kitchen into a generously proportioned space, for family life and entertaining. The intention behind this project was to create a trio of living spaces with a continuous flow from the front to the rear of the house. The client’s brief was for each room to have its own character and purpose yet to feel seamlessly interconnected. The last of the three was to become a bright and airy Kitchen/Dining space, widening the existing footprint to make use of the full width of the ground floor.

It was important to draw in as much natural light as possible, so that by day the space would feel connected to the outdoors, while at night the clients could harness control over how the room was lit. Large panes of glazing would play a key role in achieving this, with a pitched rooflight to the one side and a wall of crittal style windows to the rear. Creating steps down into the kitchen and increasing the head height would also add to the feeling of open space. Coupled with this, a carefully considered lighting plan would enable the clients to highlight these strong architectural features and allow them to create particular moods through layers of lighting.

The project did not demand a punchy colour palette or statement furniture. Instead, it called for more muted tones which, combined with the kitchens sleek cabinetry and the use of unassuming materials, captures attention in a more subtle manner. The interior scheme for the two living spaces at the front and centre of the house, both run in the same vein. Something of a walkway is created through a series of playful and shapely light fixtures. Their positioning leads the way through the very linear space while the subtle industrial nod contributes to the feeling of functionality, reminding us that this is a working, family kitchen.