Project Name: Espai Travessera

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Interior Designer: Meritxell Ribé And Josep Puigdomènech

Construction Company: The Room Work S.L

This project required the rehabilitation and decoration of an old house of 500m2 in the heart of Barcelona, specifically in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi. It was fully reformed without losing the essence of the original house, restoring all the architectural elements. Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio decided to display all the skills of their studio, making a home with the most advanced technologies in music and home automation. For this purpose, an old and outdated house of large dimensions (500 m2) is transformed into a new studio which is indicative of the brand.

Espai Travessera was created with the aim of creating an intimate space that would capture the philosophy and soul of Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio: the fusion of good interior design and decoration that respects the original elements and that includes the latest technology. This would serve as a letter of introduction to their clients, so results could be seen in a visual way. Wallpapers, a wide colour palette, lighting, furniture, home automation and art works come together in this space and all these elements are totally integrated and harmoniously balanced.  Two rooms dedicated exclusively to audio-visuals, a professional cinema, and a room for music, with the aim of being able to experience and feel the sensitivity that technology brings. This house has the latest technologies that facilitate the coexistence and provides balance and security.

Natural materials are always present in Meritxell Ribé’s projects. In this house, wood is projected as the main protagonist, bringing lightness and elegance to the showroom. Different style proposals are combined with a harmonic and visual space where its elements play a leading role in the scene. Vibrant colours were used on the walls that are counterbalanced by natural lighting and the original designs of suspended lamps. Geometric prints and art work completed all the areas, making them unique and special. Each room has its personality and functionality, unique and practical spaces that create a solid and sensitive environment. The decorative elements add warmth and personal influence on the project, which has become an icon representative of the Studio.