Project Name: Fulham Riverside

Location: Fulham, London

Date Completed: January 2018

Interior Designer: Harrods Interiors (Sarah Kenny, Hattie Lake, Sandra Debbas, Thais Fontenelle)

The sun setting on the river, the darker hues of the water’s depths and the surface dappled with light – there are echoes of all three themes throughout this property. For this 5-bedroom property by Fulham’s riverside, the Harrods Interiors team attempted to create a family home reminiscent of a hotel, with the subtle but constant presence of its enviable exterior context. A large new-build property, the 3,183 square feet house’s impressive riverside address offers a sanctuary away from the busy haze of the city. The property was chosen by the client due to the affluence and reputation of the area it is in, particularly the client wished to highlight the nearby river.

The client wished to create an environment that has all the comforts of a hotel and holiday destination, whilst maintaining the feeling of a home. With rejuvenation and communal spaces front of mind, the design scheme for this property required the effective zoning of multiple relaxation and family areas, which allows for large groups, whilst maintaining spatial flow. In order to interpret the river with a modern and fresh approach, Harrods Interiors distinguished three elements of the river and represented them as follows: the main bedroom; inspired by the colours created by the sun setting over the river, this river characteristic is represented by a neutral palette emphasised with rich and shimmering tones of bespoke brass, reflecting fragments of light like the river’s surface. The designers used gradient soft pastel colours in blush tones, mauve and deeper purples.

The living and dining areas take colour queues from the deeper parts of the river, this theme is reflected by a neutral colour palette to create a calming family environment. This neutrality aimed to bring light into the living and dining space, creating a sense of clarity and addressing the client’s wish to have a rejuvenating space. In order to create an interesting contrast, accents of deep marine blue are included in the accessory selection, with a reference to the river’s bed through a pebble-inspired rug.  The guest bedroom has light tones and hints of calming blues, which are the characteristics derived from the hues of the river’s surface. Using a sandy limestone-inspired palette, from bridges adorning the river’s surface, the use of colour in these spaces are kept to a minimum, with in the form of subtle splashes of teal and gold detailing.

Through the use of contextual referencing the Harrods Interiors designers aimed to transform this property through the creation of a distinct design narrative combining accessories and furniture. Bringing the outside inside, and with an emphasis on luxury, the designers chose to draw inspiration from the property’s riverside location with a classic modern approach. As a result, the colour scheme utilized across the property reflects three creative takes of the river and acts as its most defining feature.