Project Name: Indulge and Unwind

Location: Holiday House London, St. Johns Wood

Date Completed: December 2017

Interior Designer: Amelia Carter Interiors

Holiday House, founded in 2008 by interior designer and breast cancer survivor Iris Dankner, is an interior design show house where top interior designers and lifestyle brands showcase their talent to raise critical funds for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. In 2017, Holiday House celebrated its tenth year of show houses with the 10th annual Holiday House NYC at the Academy Mansion in NYC, and the inaugural Holiday House London. Each designer was given a room as a blank slate. They could use it to showcase whatever they would like within the framework of Interior design. The designers could undertake any work necessary to their rooms so long as they were put back to blank upon completion of the show.

Amelia Carter Interiors decided to approach de Gournay and Stark Carpet to sponsor their room as they wanted to create a more extraordinary environment than where one would usually spend their day to day. The designers wanted people to enter the room and feel completely cocooned and transformed to a different mindset. de Gournay and Stark are two of Amelia Carter’s favourite suppliers and they both provide exquisite products that they thought would complement each other in an unexpected way.

Amelia Carter Interiors took the opportunity to showcase a different design style and aesthetic than they have had the pleasure to work with. It was a chance for them to showcase on a small scale, how fabulous bold colour can be, even in a smaller space. Amelia Carter designed the larger pieces of furniture herself and had them made by her own trusted craftsmen. She also sourced vintage accessories that played into the theme and enhanced the overall experience of the room.

The room is an unexpected mix of patterns and colours. Pairing a pink jungle wallpaper with a blue antelope patterned carpet sounds crazy, but they were perfectly harmonious. Adding art deco and mid-century furniture to the mix increased the interest and playfulness of the room. Holiday House London was launched with the intention of showcasing the best in Interior Design and to show how wonderful and diverse it can be. Amelia Carter Interiors were delighted that this room was part of it.