Project Name: Menemsha Beach House

Location: Martha’s Vineyard (Chilmark, Massachusetts)

Interior Designer: Liz Stiving-Nichols

Architect: Matt Cramer for Hutker Architects

This home reflects a successful collaborative approach with trusting homeowners who built a talented design team between the architects, interior designers, contractors, and landscape architects. There was no budget and no hard deadlines allowing each design detail and decision to be studied and several opportunities considered before any decision was made. The client’s asked for a home that looked as though it has always been a part of the island landscape. Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design took cues from the view when developing the materials, finishes and colour scheme.

Wide plank reclaimed white oak with a semi-translucent matte white stain, created a floor indicative of driftwood. The impressive timber frame, custom grey stained western red cedar walls and the hand masoned fireplace using stones indigenous to the island, make this newly constructed home look as though it has always been a part of the island’s history. To reflect the client’s lifestyle and personal style, Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design was to create a design that evoked a laid-back elegance. Light weight slipcovers, Belgium linen upholstery, weathered finishes, vintage finds, hand woven shades, natural fibre rugs, bleached burlap wall covering, and raw metal details were used throughout the interior of this home.

Scale was a critical component in space planning as each piece had to stand on its own in such a large open space yet not compete with the next. The restraint of a neutral colour palette combined with the layering of many textures create a sun-bleached palette that reflects the language and lifestyle of the Vineyard. Every detail within this project was studied, and every selection was purposeful. Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design believe having synergy among their clients, the architects, interior designers and contractors will always cultivate new design opportunities which makes the end result successful and inspiring.