Project Name: Mise En Place
Location: Canada
Date Completed: June 2017
Submitted By: Jenny Martin Design
Interior Designer: Jenny Martin
Developer: Ryan Hoyt
Construction Company: Coast Prestige Homes

Jenny Martin and her design team have created a luxurious ensuite born from the union of old world charm and present-day convenience with an elegant contemporary twist. This space creates a welcoming yet exclusive atmosphere that one can’t help but feel in awe. The mix of warm, neutral tones and intricate details creates a harmonious outcome. Visual textures and fluid movement takes one’s sight on a playful journey through the space. Symmetry guides the eye to lavish focal points, such as the decadent tub, classic vanity, and grand shower.

Although focal points are plentiful, the true star of the space is the shower, with its book-matched Italian marble feature wall and cantilevered marble benches with recessed LED lighting. The custom details, such as the recessed panel walls and furniture kicks that are intertwined throughout creates a truly one of-a-kind design. The use of polished nickel hardware & fixtures, including a transition strip between floor types, emphasize the opulent ambience and help further refine the result.

The challenge in this project was bringing together two opposing design ideals, his & hers, in order to not only balance the space, but ensure an optimum outcome for both of the clients. Fortunately for the designers, they were privileged to have such trusting and engaged clients who allowed them the freedom to take the design to its greatest potential. The clients had recently returned from a trip from France, and their love for French design bloomed into the dominant inspiration present throughout the creative process. That inspiration, coupled with the client’s love and appreciation for the exceptional beauty of the West Coast of British Columbia, became the key in bringing together each design element to create a cohesive piece.

The Ensuite shower is said to be the favourite key aspect of the project. The heart of the ensuite provides a 270 degree, allowing Jenny Martin Design to take in each layer of detail in great depth. The shower’s Calacatta Caldia marble wall backs the vanity and creates a flow through the space. The feature wall is grounded with an Italian marble mosaic and topped with a marble slab suspended from the ceiling. The designers used a two-person aromatherapy steam shower and His & Hers handhelds. Other details are the polished nickel Samuel Heath body sprays, linear drain and 0 clearance transition, which ensures the shower is fully accessible. The numerous layers of design details are what make this project so enchanting.

In taking in each aspect of the space, you continue to realize the prodigious extent to which each detail was precisely placed. Again, the balance of old European charm & coastal beauty mixed with the calming tones & energizing textures truly embodies Project Mise en Place. From an ecological perspective, Project Mise en Place strives to demonstrate environmental stewardship with aspects such as dimmable LED spotlights, low flow faucet, heat pump & use of advanced new spray foam insulation. From a social-environmental perspective, the projects design is fully integrated into its surroundings through the love, acceptance & respect of its community & country. The project infuses design aspects from across the world in appreciation of international beauty and in commemoration that we live in a truly global world.

Suspending a marble slab on the ceiling with a single wall for support was a major feat and only successful due to the coordination of many trades. The custom millwork was accomplished by Jason Good Custom Cabinetry. Some standout custom details Jason & his team accomplished includes the face frame custom cabinets & LED makeup mirror integrated into the wall panelling, as well as the trim & wall panelling throughout the space. An aspect not apparent in the photos is the unique concealed storage throughout the space in the form of touch-latch cabinets, drawers & laundry hampers.