Project Name: Modern Bungalow

Location: Naples, Florida USA

Date Completed: Winter 2016

Architect: Mark Leonardi, Mark Leonardi Architects

Interior Designer: Cate Caruso, Studio C ID

Construciton: Dave Rogers, Newbury North

Landcsape Design: Koby Kirwin

Exteriors: Koby Kirwin

From the beginning the direction was clear, obvious even. The once avid travellers were ready to build a tranquil base with a cosmopolitan spirit. With a dedicated family home elsewhere, there was neither a glass, nor a photograph to begin with, just a directive. And the wife had a clear one: a comfortable, well-edited jewel box, equally well suited for two as a large party. The four pavilions, composed of contemporary lines, are detailed with fine finishes. High mahogany clad ceilings are framed with walls of Tischler windows, bronze accents, and specially sourced limestone. For maximum luxury, comfort features include Lutron low energy lighting, Element 7 engineered oak floors, lush landscaping, and a Japanese water purification system.

STUDIO C ID, having worked with the clients before, knew they valued quite statements, composed scale and varied texture. The furnishing and fabrics are largely neutral with coloured accents, focusing on detail, quality, and craftsmanship. A mix of new custom rugs and upholstery are juxtaposed with modern antiques of European, American, and South American origin.

STUDIO C ID specially commissioned and designed multiple components for the house. Such pieces include the pair of bronze doors, a Linley Cocobolo and stainless-steel dining table, a bronze inlayed mahogany desk and panelling and a multiple metal coffee table. The atmospheric contemporary Italian chandelier by Simone Crestani was sourced and created with Bernd Geockler Antiques. Ceramics of various proveniences and some one- off collectibles, such as the “cut” Lucite candlesticks, add to the tailored mix. Large format photography adds a bon vivant theme of beach, boats and wildlife.

STUDIO C ID’s favourite aspects include the four-pavilion structure and the equally outdoor/indoor facing views. The designed detailed mahogany and bronze inlayed panelling brings depth and rich visual interest. The Studio C ID Bronze doors dividing the dining room and kitchen are seamless and almost weightless due to their construction. The idea was conceived as if they had used a found pair of entry gates from a once glorified estate. The gorgeous Bottom of the Boat chandelier made with Simone Crestani is a subtle reference to the maritime community and beachside surroundings. The design tells a story: the glass “barnacles” are attached to a 24k gold cage in the shape of a boat’s hull. It references the importance of “the journey” and “travel”, concepts which very much resonates with and relates to the clients.