Project Name: Moore Park Home

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date Completed: July 2017

Interior Designer: Alicia Sass, Harrison Fae Design

Construction Company: Mayfair Reno

The Moore Park Home project involved a complete high-end kitchen renovation. The client wanted a luxurious, functional, and beautiful kitchen. The client approached Harrison Fae Design to design a more modern, functional kitchen and family room for them. The previous kitchen was bulky, had no counter top space and had no storage, the previous family room was drab and was in desperate need for some life.

During the initial design concept, Harrison Fae Design were able to push their ideas and open the minds of their clients to luxurious details within the kitchen, such as the black range hood and the gold lighting. Through a variety of inspiration boards, the designers were able to pin down a particular style and so the design process of the space began. Harrison Fae Design were able to design everything from tray storage, to spice pull-outs and even a hidden appliance garage with a recessing door so it could stay open when in use. Following the design and construction stage, Harrison Fae Design began working on the furnishings and accessories which were intended to add a luxury element to the space. All was completed just in time for their 3-month deadline, the clients were thrilled with their new kitchen and family room.

Harrison Fae Design’s favourite aspect of the project is the rolled steel range hood, a captivating piece that garners regular comments from those who see it. Another key aspect for the designers, was the counter top, a rare quartzite that clients had to wait an extra two weeks for. Harrison Fae Design believe that the scheme is timeless yet edgy. Incorporating the gold lighting is an easy way to have a trend that can easily be switched out if the trend passes. Keeping the main cabinetry and furnishings light and airy keeps it timeless.