Project Name: Notting Hill House

Location: Notting Hill

Date Completed: May 2017

Interior Designer: Boundary Space Ltd.

Architect: Boundary Space Ltd.

This project involved the complete remodelling and refurbishment of a Notting Hill townhouse, including a new basement, extension, architectural fitout, interior design and landscape. The client had purchased a tired and dated period townhouse in Notting Hill and wanted a complete refurbishment and additional space in the form of a rear extension and new basement under the house and garden. They wanted to open up the house to let in more light and create a connection with the garden, whilst maintaining flexibility to alternate between casual and formal uses. This extended to elements such as the bespoke joinery, which needed to incorporate a variety of functions, whilst aesthetically complementing the overall design.

The new basement had to incorporate a gym, family media room, facilities for staff and all of the ancillary spaces such as the laundry and storage. Both the basement and the Lower Ground Floor had to have a good connection to the garden space. It is a tall townhouse, as is common in Notting Hill, but the client wanted Boundary Space to make full use of the space right to the top of the house, an area which can often be under-utilised if the wrong design decisions are made. Whilst the look was still modern, the client wanted to retain the feel of a London Townhouse and a sense of place and connection with the neighbourhood.

Getting the flow through the property right was the most important and aspect and one of the first moves, Boundary Space proposed reversing the main staircase in the house to gain more space at the upper levels, creating a more spacious and commanding plan for the Master Suite. It is also open to the space at the lower levels which allows a sense of connection and continuity with the new basement. Boundary Space made sure that the basement level was flooded with natural light and connected to the garden, so that you never feel like you are under ground.