Project Name: Pipera House

Location: Pipera District, Bucharest

Interior Designer: Ana Maria Călina

Architect: Alessandro Lusito

Developer: Noblesse Interiors

This project involved a beautiful house in Bucharest, Pipera, decorated in a contemporary luxury style. The home has spacious rooms, an essential plus point that Noblesse Interiors have made great use of. In the living area, Noblesse Interiors have chosen a combination of delicate hues, lush textures and golden accents. The sofa, armchair and bench, along with the electric fireplace, create an ambience that invites  relaxation. The living room is separated from the hall by a library with marble countertops and a brass structure. Also, from the same collection is the console, giving the design a unitary and stylish appearance. For lighting, the designers preferred a chandelier with a spectacular design.

The living room is part of a generous open-space. The combination of bright white and cream maximizes the space. The chairs, table and buffet are part of the same collection, the brand identity highlighted by the gentle lines and the finishes. The atmosphere is complemented by the lighting fixtures, the chandelier and the two sconces with a unique look. In the white kitchen, the natural light is one of the key elements. The lighting appearance follows the design line from the rest of the house, where you can find golden accents, which give a luxurious look.

All three bedrooms of the house adopt the same contemporary style with glam accents, but each has its own identity, given by the accents and details used. The central part of the matrimonial bedroom is the bed, paired with metallic nightstands. The curtains give an elegant flair and chromatically complement the entire composition. The interiors were designed through the stylistic flair of Ana Maria Călina, who worked on every intricate detail to present the most luxurious living spaces.