Project Name: RS Residence

Location: Indian Wells, California USA

Date Completed: January 2018

Interior Designer: Kenneth Bordewick

Construction Company: Ram Development and Construction Co., Inc.

This kitchen vanquishes the challenge of creating a space where the most rigorous professional chef can feel satisfied by the abundance of resources and simultaneously a family can share unforgettable moments of warmth, relaxation and cooking together. Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors use of the most refined materials available in the world, blending the top high-end appliances by Sub-Zero and Wolf and creating the most sophisticated kitchen. The client requested a “dream kitchen” that could combine cosiness with refinement. Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors focused on tailored sensorial experiences and thriving from the client’s feelings of excitement and awe at seeing their dreams materialized for the first time.

The designers combined natural animal hides, several species of wood and natural translucid stones that by the incidence of light transform themselves by pure magic into a fantastic myriad of colours. The stainless-steel cabinets are so perfectly conceived as being mirror-like, making it possible to see your reflection with ease. The wine cooler is a feast for the eyes comparing itself only to the rare and precious bottles stored within. The great room adjacent to the kitchen has a splendorous but comfortable sofa set and a state of the art TV, allowing the ones that do not cook chance to relax whilst still participating in the family conversation.

The kitchen became a statement at the house, whilst also being completely functional. The integration of the rooms allows the entire family to be reunited even though they have different interests. Again, a celebration of senses, not only allowing the creation of banquets for the most discerning palette but also an ongoing feast for the eyes with its allure, charm, and opulence where the enjoyment of the food, allied with the inebriation of the view is crowned by the purity of the family experience that unites all of us.