Project Name: WCP- White City Project

Location: Tel-Aviv Israel

Date Completed: 2018

Architect: Karen Goor

Interior Designer: Karen Goor

Construction Company: Idanim Handasa

This apartment in Tel Aviv, was created by combining three apartments into one. The design concept was to maximize the presence of the sea in the inner spaces of the apartment. The use of the natural light and sea views with mirrors, marble and shades of white, creating a magnificent and dynamic atmosphere.

Following the idea of reflections, mirrors were located at all facades facing west, so at sunset light from the sun hits the mirrors, breaks onto walls and floors and creates a magnificent and dynamic atmosphere.

This is further enhanced by the minimal colour palate, using only seven shades of white and four different types of marble: Calacatta, Gold, Statuary white and Mystery white. All of which act as a foundation for the selection of furniture and art. Key pieces were all chosen in muted tones with soft furnishing in accent jewel tones again further enhancing the bond between the sea and the interior.

There were two highlights for the designer in this project – the first was the exploration of the notion of bringing the sea view and sun light into the space, creating another layer of architectural atmosphere. Secondly a detail, in the shower of the master bathroom, where they combined led lights in the marble bench. The marble bench is situated on a “floating” floor for water drainage.

The project took four years to complete and once the initial concept was approved the designer had complete control on all aspects and materials. No detail was left unnoticed for the clients whom had exacting high standards, this encouraged the designer to seek out the best professionals and suppliers available culminating in a beautifully precise execution of the both the clients’ and designer’s mutual aesthetic vision.