Project Name: Willowa Apartment

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Date Completed: 2017

Interior Designer: Patrycja Suszek-Raczkowska

Architect: Patrycja Suszek-Raczkowska

This unique apartment is situated in a pre-war house in the heart of Warsaw. From the top floor of the building this apartment offers breath-taking views of Morskie Oko city park – one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw. The apartment is owned by a young painter and her family. It was the client’s paintings that inspired Poco Design to create this original design. Within the property, the interior was to be the ideal background for the artist’s paintings while simultaneously complementing her art. The rooms, over 3 metres high, have not only become a gallery but also an interior which expresses the soul of its residents.

Starting from the replacement of windows and doors joinery, the designers began by demolishing most of the walls, breaking floors and ceilings, rerouting new electrical and plumbing installations. The combination of all these amendments meant that Poco Design were starting from nothing with this project. From the restoration of the pre-war hand-made plaster stucco to designing stylish doors and furniture that correspond with the era, there are some classic iconic design examples used within this project. The kitchen which is a separate room, before the war was inhabited by servants, hence there is an additional door leading to the staircase of the building.

The designers have stated that the most difficult and yet most fascinating aspect of this project, was the combination of paintings, designer furniture and pre-war architecture of the building and how they work with each other. Nearly every single piece of furniture was design by Poco Design from the basic functions to the tiniest stucco. Poco Design believe that the project delivers unprecedented style to the interior whilst complementing the owners’ art exhibited around the space. The residential functions match perfectly and create a unique mood in this Grade II listed building.