Location: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Interior Designer: Keyhole Interiors

Photography: Jamie Thompson Photography

Keyhole Interiors was approached by a family who had purchased a stunning but neglected 17th century farmhouse in Lancashire. The family wanted to restore the property into a beautiful family home in the countryside. Keyhole Interiors’ brief was to restore the existing part of the property, keeping all original features intact and adding back the features that had been removed over the years, wherever possible. The main house was to be extended by a contemporary extension to create a large kitchen and living space suitable for a family of five.

The farmhouse was over 300 years old and brimming with period features, yet it wasn’t listed, which allowed Keyhole Interiors to make some changes to modernize the house. However, the renovation was not without its challenges. With the help of some brilliant local companies, Keyhole Interiors managed to completely transform the property into a beautiful family home that respects its 300-year-old features while bringing it into the 21st century. This was achieved by restoring original windows, carefully sourcing reclaimed brickwork from the era the house was built in, and exposing wooden beams that have been there from the beginning. Keyhole Interiors also designed bespoke joinery and created beautiful bathrooms for the house.

The area of Longridge is known for its beautiful period properties, but unfortunately, many homeowners in the past have stripped the original features to create modern homes. Keyhole Interiors was committed to respectful restoration and bringing back the lost original features of the property.

The end result is a clever combination of the old and new. The house is now a functional and liveable space for a young and busy family, yet it retains its personality and tells the stories of its past. The house has been filled with carefully curated bespoke and high-end furniture, art, and light fittings. Overall, Keyhole Interiors has created a beautiful family home that perfectly balances the past with the present.