27 Cividale by Mahzad Homes 

Location: Canada 

Architect / Interior Design: Mahzad Homes

Key Supplier: Chestnut Flooring 

27 Cividale is a majestic center hall French manor project by Mahzad Homes. The designers wanted to create a space that will respond to their client’s needs, while also providing the comfort of a luxury living space for them. 

The entrance is a perfectly balanced grand vestibule that leads into a breathtaking two-story rotunda foyer. The foyer features a free-standing circular staircase system with views of the second-floor ceiling dome spanning 6 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height. In keeping with the French manor character and appeal, the main floor features ceiling heights of 3.65 meters and is complemented by towering 3.05-meter exterior door and window assemblies that showcase custom oval shapes within the transoms. With the lot being 18.23 meters wide and 38.71 meters deep, Mahzad Homes had to engage with the city planning officials to see if they would allow them to place the garage platform below the main-floor level. This allowed them to maximize the building envelope on this challenging lot due to its limited space. 

For the designers, the rear yard was another challenging design obstacle due to its smaller size. To meet the family’s lifestyle needs and landscaping requirements, they creatively brainstormed “out of the box” designs that integrate the various backyard features. For instance, they incorporated the hot tub within the pool, layering the various entertainment areas to flow as one. The backyard also features a focal point, a stone water wall, framed with foliage at its edges. They were able to facilitate a simple, yet elegant, outdoor entertainment living space that would be attractive. 

Despite all the challenges, the design works so well because Mahzad Homes managed to combine all their client’s requirements within the existing space, and most importantly offer the comfort of a luxury living space.