Location:  Vancouver
Interior Designer: RAAW Design
Developer: Gryphon Development
Photographer Credit: Zi Xiao Lei, Y. Li

As a meticulously designed and crafted residence that is nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s prestigious west-side neighbourhood, Arbutus Townhomes at Westbury has been tailored by RAAW Design & Associates to reflect “the art of living”. The project considers all aspects of what living well really encompasses and is brought to life with curated selections of exceptional interior furnishings.

Gryphon, a boutique real estate developer in Vancouver, wished to create an interior space that spoke to the heritage, prestige and modernity of the historic yet dynamic neighbourhood. The architectural window mullions and details that echo a New England style traditional exterior create a base tone for RAAW Design & Associates’ interiors of the space, where an homage to humble luxury and subtleness is translated through to the interior finishings. The goal was to curate a home that captured modern sophistication – rich in content yet allowed for space to let imagination flow.

Strategically placed oversized windows on the east and west sides of the building allow daylight to naturally immerse the home, filtered through the opaque sheers and drapery. Having included the utilisation of good daylight in their design thinking, the designers integrated an abundance of white spaces without overcrowding the spatial means of the architecture. The interior space is designed with the right amount of blankness that supports a modern, warm, minimalist approach to subtle sophistication by moderation. From choices of wood textures, textiles and decor piece choices, the interiors reflect an elegance that reflects an adoration of nature.

Custom millwork and highly functional bespoke furniture items are designed for spaces such as the study, living and dining rooms. Where possible, the designers wanted to work with local artisans to keep the project firmly placed in its context, which included the skilled millworker for the locally fabricated organisation systems that are in the kitchen. A carefully curated artwork selection is showcased throughout, with floral designs from local artists.