Location: Hampstead, London

Interior Designer: Atelier 15.4

Photography: Julian Abrams

Atelier 15.4 has recently completed a stunning project in Hampstead, London. The historical property was transformed into a family haven for modern living, highlighting the client’s love of art and timeless design.

The project required the studio to balance the need for functionality and practicality for a young family with preserving the original charm of the property. The aim was to create a space that was warm and inviting while reflecting the client’s love of art and design.

To achieve this, the ground floor was completely reconfigured to create a larger kitchen and breakfast area, which acts as the hub of the home. The positioning of the area was also reconsidered to maximise natural light and provide better access to the beautifully landscaped gardens. Meanwhile, the first floor was redesigned to create a luxurious master suite with a self-contained space for the client. The suite includes a bedroom, dressing room, his/her bathrooms, a gym, and a home study.

The house was transformed to suit the needs of the new owners, with joinery and furniture designed for beauty and built for functionality. The studio created clever storage solutions, used durable materials and reconfigured the space to meet the client’s needs. Historical elements of the architecture were also reinstated to create a seamless union between traditional architecture and modern interiors.

The property is listed, and located in a conservation area, which meant that the exterior of the home had to remain untouched. Large windows overlook the landscaped gardens, and the studio opted for a muted design scheme and restrained window treatments to allow the architecture and beauty of the gardens to be fully appreciated.

One unique feature of the design was the bespoke freshwater fish tank in the breakfast area. Due to the weight and size of the tank, structural reinforcements were required, and careful consideration was given to the design for access and maintenance of the joinery. The tank now houses a collection of exotic fish, providing an interesting focal point in the space.

Overall, Atelier 15.4 has created a beautiful and functional family home that perfectly balances the original charm of the property with modern design elements. The project is a testament to the studio’s ability to deliver exceptional results that meet the needs and desires of their clients.