Designer: Anna Standish

Bold, dynamic and fun, Archie Stripe’s playful design stems from postmodern architecture, with its whimsical mix of arches and stripes.

The brief was to design, and have made, a bespoke piece of cabinetry for a longstanding client’s new holiday home, that Anna Standish Interiors had been commissioned to design the Interiors for. This villa in the sun, needed a lighthearted, playful approach to its design. The design concept for the overall interior design scheme was to mix an element of ‘Miami penthouse style’ with the Modernist Mediterranean architecture. They wanted the piece of furniture to have a monochromatic look, referencing a retro 1980’s style, whilst made exquisitely by craftsmen in the UK. The designers looked for surface finishes that fitted their brief, and how to work with these to create pattern and form. All whist creating a functional piece of furniture, within budget. And this is how Archie Stripes was born.

The design works well within the room scheme because Archie Stripes is a bespoke design for the space. Anna Standish Interiors love how the feet of the cabinet, seamlessly become part of the door, and that the stripe inside the panel rotates to forty-five degrees creating juxtaposition. The craftsman’s’ ship is high end and can be seen in the detailing. The monochrome arches give an on trend postmodern feel to the piece of furniture, locally hand made in Sussex, and sitting beautifully with in the room it was designed for.

Archie Stripes integrates well into the space as it is designed to sit in an alcove, so proportionally the studio was able to work within that space, creating the perfect proportion. The arches on the cabinet doors are inspired by the rows of local arched Fishermans boat sheds just down the road from the Villa. The cabinets stripes work in contrast to the radon patina of the vintage marble dining table, with the arch of the oval table reflected in the arches on the cabinet doors.

Specialist joiners worked carefully with the ink tinted veneer and were able to match the stripes as they wrap around the cabinet, working with the changing directions. The striped panels set inside the arched door frames were deeply considered, before final design choices were made, and as designers, Anna Standish Interiors were involved at every point.