Location: Connecticut

Interior Designer: Georgia Zikas Design

Photography:  Read McKendree 

Artfully Designed is a first-floor living space project by Georgia Zikas Design; and includes their client’s artwork collection as a key aspect of the design. 

The main focus of this project was the furniture layout as the designers wanted to break up the space into two living spaces where the family could gather and host daily. They mirrored two large sofas back-to-back to create two distinct seating areas and allow more intimacy in this large space. Various materials were carefully selected to soften the overall atmosphere and break up the rectilinear shapes of the sofas. On one side, they implemented a concrete round coffee table and paired it with two Maguire woven lounge chairs in a beautiful walnut finish, soft upholstered cushions, and leather strapping details. These minimalist details create an overall intimate and inviting seating area. 

The second living space was created by placing the mirrored sofa facing a large custom oak cocktail table with a curved sofa next to it, and an open sides swivel chair from Century Furniture. The wooden floor was added to lighten up the room and elevate the selection of neutral and earthy tones throughout the space. Georgia Zikas Design also implemented their client’s artwork collection, such as a Balinese temple door that was brought back from a recent trip. 

The design of this space works so well as it combines both an aesthetic and a functional space. The designers managed to create two elegant and welcoming seating areas within the same room as well as allowing their client’s artwork collection to be the inspiration and a key aspect of this design.