Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: SHH

Architect: Pawel Nawojczyk, SHH

Developer: Henigman

Photography: Tom Bird

SHH, a renowned interior design firm, has recently completed a remarkable project: the transformation of the Buxmead Penthouse, developed by prime central London real estate specialist Henigman.

Invited by Henigman to create an exquisite living space, SHH successfully turned an empty shell into a sleek and modern penthouse that amplifies the luxurious nature of the private gated development where it is situated. The design brief aimed to cater to an international client, which led to the development of a palette and design that resonates with world travelers. Drawing inspiration from the penthouse’s leafy location, the best of British craftsmanship, and London’s vibrant culture, the design team set out to shape a lateral living space that exudes balance and a subtle sense of luxury, perfect for entertaining guests.

A key aspect of this project lies in the contrast between different zones within the apartment. The goal was to infuse the interior with the ambiance of a private members’ club. The living areas are spread across two levels: the top floor and the lower ground portion of the building. The lower ground space serves as a multi-purpose entertainment area, housing a games and dining room, private screening room, pool table and bar, as well as a dance studio and yoga room.

On the upper level, SHH focused on creating a unique lateral space that evokes a sense of balance and understated luxury for contemporary living. Abundant natural light streams through the wrap-around glazing, illuminating the space and showcasing the panoramic views. The large outdoor terrace, encircling the entire apartment, provides an ideal setting for hosting guests, offering breathtaking 360° views of the surrounding gardens.

In contrast, the lower ground space presents a different atmosphere, featuring warm and deep tones throughout the furniture and walls. Details of bronze, marble, and glass enrich the space, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication.

SHH’s careful selection of bespoke furniture, lighting, and artwork further elevates the living experience in this penthouse, culminating in a space that achieves balance and exudes subtle luxury, perfectly suited to the discerning clientele it caters to.

The completion of the Buxmead Penthouse showcases SHH’s ability to create exceptional interior designs that harmonize with their surroundings and cater to the desires of their clients. This project stands as a testament to the firm’s expertise in crafting refined living spaces that exude sophistication and provide the ultimate in modern luxury living.