Location: Evanston, IL 

Interior Designer: 2to5 Design

Photography: Dustin Halleck 

In the pursuit of rejuvenating an English-inspired culinary haven, mudroom, and powder room, 2to5 Design, the esteemed interior design entity, artfully executed a renovation for a dynamic family unit. Marrying classical English kitchen motifs with their distinctive creative imprint, the designers transformed these functional spaces into a sanctuary of warmth and depth, tailored to accommodate the bustling lifestyle of a family comprised of five individuals.

Within the heart of this transformation lies a dedication to bespoke craftsmanship, as bespoke cabinetry takes center stage, melding seamlessly with a palette of opulent hues and intricate patterns. A harmonious interplay between vintage and contemporary design elements further contributes to the ethos, striking a delicate balance between the timeless allure of the past and the invigorating novelty of the present.

The inclusion of richly saturated colors and the juxtaposition of sumptuous textiles and elaborate wallpapers bespeak a narrative of charm and intimacy, infusing the spaces with a sense of playfulness and coziness without overwhelming their confines. It is this precise equilibrium of whimsy and restraint that shapes these interiors into singular havens that authentically echo the client’s persona and aspirations.

As the capstone of the dwelling’s refurbishment endeavors, these spaces stand as a testament to the designers’ prowess and vision. As the final touch to the residence’s metamorphosis, they have now assumed the role of the central nucleus, the very heartbeat of the household. With each nook and cranny meticulously designed, the kitchen, mudroom, and powder room collectively emanate an aura of inviting resplendence and domestic centrality.