Location: Illinois

Architect: Raino Ogden Architects

Interior Designer: Jasmin Reese interiors

Construction: Tip Top Construction

Photography: Michael Alan Kaskel

Jasmin Reese Interiors has masterfully crafted a luxury residential bar lounge that draws inspiration from the opulent ambiance of a distinguished London hotel. With an exquisite blend of elegance and whimsy, this remarkable establishment captivates guests with its captivating features, such as top hat lights, sparkling crystal accents, brass-wrapped columns, and plush, inviting seating arrangements.

Purposefully designed to serve as a gathering space for both family and friends, this splendid bar lounge offers a charming setting for a variety of occasions, including lively sporting events, savoring classic cocktails, and engaging in spirited shuffleboard games. Jasmin Reese Interiors has meticulously curated every aspect of this space, infusing it with a harmonious fusion of grandeur and playfulness.

Among the designer’s most cherished elements within this exquisite lounge are the delicately crafted hand sconces emerging gracefully from ornate plaster medallions. These exquisite fixtures not only illuminate the area but also frame individuals standing beneath them, creating an enchanting visual spectacle. Furthermore, the inclusion of top hats as part of the decor serves as an additional element of intrigue and allure, further enhancing the ambiance.

This remarkable creation seamlessly blends glamour, functionality, and historic elements, paying homage to the distinguished architectural legacy of the home’s original designer, the legendary Daniel Burnham. Notably, Jasmin Reese Interiors has thoughtfully incorporated subtle nods to the historic significance of the space, evident in the intricate millwork and carefully chosen lighting fixtures.

In summary, the designer has skillfully crafted a luxury residential bar lounge that exudes an air of sophistication and whimsy, drawing inspiration from the elegance of London hotels while paying homage to the home’s historic roots. With its captivating design elements, comfortable seating, and meticulous attention to detail, this space promises to provide an unforgettable experience for those seeking a refined yet welcoming atmosphere to gather with loved ones.