Interior Designers / Designers :  Erin Feasby and Cindy Bleeks

Photographer: Donna Griffith 

Dunbar is a luxurious Principal Ensuite Bath project from Feasby & Bleeks Design. The initial design directive was to lighten up this space and make it feel not only contemporary but luxurious too. It was also very important for the designers to create a bathroom that would not only have a strong and unique character but would also stand out from a regular bathroom design.

Dunbar bathroom has an abundance of texture and a touch of eclecticism which doesn’t compromise its strong sense of calm and luxury. One of its key aspects is the porcelain tile which was laid in a chevron pattern to lead visitors to the tub and the custom vanity unit. This same pattern was also carried and patterned onto the vanity wall to add more details to the space. They have succeeded to create an illusion by making the vanity unit float and therefore reinforce this initial idea of designing a luxurious and serene bathroom. Feasby & Bleeks Design relied heavily on their tile layer and their millworker on this project. Both had to be precise and make sure the designers’ vision would be achieved.

If this design works so well it is mostly because it wasn’t dictated by any current trend which can too often make a space feel a bit dated after a couple of years. Instead, the designers decided to focus on creating a global vision that would feel timeless and modern at the same time which was challenging for them. With its unique textures and layers of detail throughout the space, The Dunbar bathroom manages to strike the perfect balance between impactful and serene, modern and timeless.