Location: Florida

Interior Designer: Lauren Czarniecki

Construction: Steve Cury Construction

Photography: Carmel Brantley

Former ASPCA Board Chair Fred Tanne and Chairwoman Laura Moore-Tanne, renowned for their philanthropic endeavors with esteemed organizations like the Cancer Alliance and Darbster Foundation, have dedicated six years to meticulously renovating a historic 1930s Mediterranean Revival residence. Their objective was to honor the architectural heritage while infusing modern elements and highlighting their profound appreciation for mid-century modern design. Collaborating with the designer Czar Interiors, they have transformed the property into an exquisite manifestation of their love for art and design.

From the moment one gaze upon the house’s exterior, the charm of the 1930s era is immediately evident. However, it is upon stepping inside that one truly becomes captivated. The interior exudes a captivating ambiance, thanks to the ornate iron staircase railings, the opulent custom marble floors, and a remarkable bespoke light fixture suspended above a visually striking overhead opening.

Passing through an arched opening, visitors are welcomed into a distinctive formal dining area adorned with an original stained glass window, which serves as an ideal backdrop for showcasing an Archie Held sculpture. The living room effortlessly merges sophistication with warmth, boasting Vladimir Kagan sofas, an unmistakable Ironies side table, and a custom-designed rug. These carefully curated elements converge to form an elegant and lavish space, further accentuated by its unique lighting arrangements.

Preserving the home’s original character, the stone, concrete, and tiled staircase leading to the upper floor stands as a testament to its historic roots. The master bedroom, a haven of luxury, encompasses an open layout featuring a Theodore Alexander bed and vintage nightstands. An adjacent sitting room offers a cozy retreat, featuring a Mies van der Rohe LC4 chair, elegantly upholstered in Moore and Giles Valhalla leather, harmonizing with the room’s soft and neutral color scheme.

Nestled within the esteemed historic El Cid neighborhood, renowned for its picturesque waterfront, this residence offers an array of distinctive spaces, including an outdoor living area and a guest house complete with a gym and sauna. It is an embodiment of the exceptional design, a true gem that stands as a testament to the visionary aspirations and passion of Fred Tanne and Laura Moore-Tanne.