Location: Laguna Beach

Interior Designer: Dina Marciano

Construction Company: Mark Stadder

Photography: Alex Kroke & Peter Christiansen

The Emerald Bay residential project stands as a shining example of sustainable, eco-friendly design with a primary focus on the well-being of its occupants. Universal design principles were meticulously integrated, ensuring accessibility and functionality for all, resulting in a welcoming and calming sanctuary.

The thoughtfully redesigned floor plan including wheelchair accessibility and a lift caters to individuals with age-related impairments or disabilities, demonstrating a profound consideration for clients’ needs. Throughout the space, eco-friendly natural materials, such as natural marble stone and white oak wood, create a sense of simplicity and tranquillity, positively impacting the residents’ overall well-being.

One of the project’s core principles is the exclusive use of toxic-free natural materials, aligning with the commitment to sustainability and the health of the occupants. The eco-friendly cabinets, vanities and kitchen island designed by Dina Marciano as well as energy-efficient solar panels and eco-friendly natural materials, such as natural marble stone and white oak wood exemplify sustainable living practices that align seamlessly with the project’s values. Additionally, the project’s integration into the surrounding natural environment demonstrates care and consideration for the region’s coastal lifestyle and eco-friendly ethos.

The integration of natural light and biophilic design strategies fosters a strong connection between the occupants and the natural world, effectively reducing stress levels and anxiety.

The project required a myriad of artisanal skills and specialties, including the crafting of eco-friendly custom-made cabinets, stone vanities, and kitchen. The installation of natural stone and tiling demanded intricate cuts and designs for the bathroom and kitchen spaces. The use of eco-friendly products during painting or wood treatment and the detailed implementation of biophilic design elements showcased the exceptional expertise in space planning. Along with white sculptures created by Dina Marciano.