Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Interior Designer: Kim Williams

Construction Company: 22 Cape Road Investments Pty Ltd

Photography: Kendall Leigh Nash

Kim Williams Design embarked on a journey of reinvention with the transformation of a dream home. The project aimed to symbolise new beginnings, openness, and energy, using the Flower of Life as a guiding motif. The Victorian-style ‘plot and plan’ home, situated in the historical suburb of Claremont, had a fascinating history, reputedly serving as a safe house for Nelson Mandela during apartheid.

The client’s desire was to infuse the space with stories, both light-hearted and profound. The design needed to seamlessly blend classic old-world aesthetics with a glamorous modern twist while breathing new life into the compact townhouse. Kim Williams Design skilfully curated a harmonious fusion of traditional Cape architecture, vintage elements, and contemporary allure, resulting in a captivating transformation.

To achieve this, the designer expertly combined pre-used and antique items sourced from Cape Town with modern pieces. Local artisans were enlisted to craft custom furniture and cabinetry, including the refurbishment of cherished pieces from the client’s previous homes. The integration of these elements added depth and character to the interiors, celebrating the beauty of the old while embracing the allure of the new.

The designer’s attention to detail extended to the creation of unique features, such as a hidden trellidoor secured by a laser-cut, gold powder-coated screen, ensuring both security and style. Intricate Flower of Life laser-cut screens, original artworks, and hidden gems like a bookcase disguised as a piece of art contributed to the modern twist that permeated the design. Additionally, a hydroponic wall garden added a touch of natural serenity to the space.

Kim Williams Design ingeniously reimagined various areas within the home. For instance, the kitchen and dining area were transformed into a cocktail lounge with a versatile table that could accommodate the entire family or facilitate sophisticated social gatherings. The patio and undercover entertainment area became an entertainer’s paradise, complete with a cascading water feature into a refreshing blue pool or a tranquil green oasis to unwind.

Each bedroom was personalized to reflect the individuality of its occupants. The little girl’s room featured a ballet bar, soft pastels, and shimmering mosaic tiles in the shower for a touch of enchantment. In contrast, the boy’s room exuded a modern soccer theme with locker-style cupboards, a soccer net desk, and playful soccer ball accents. The main bedroom embodied luxury and tranquillity, adorned with exquisite French Louis XIV-style furniture, refurbished antique pieces, and elegant lighting fixtures.