Photographer Credit: Prue Ruscoe

Inspired by the interplay of the warp, weft and the intricacy that can be achieved through hand-knotting, The Griglia Collezione by Tappeti Fine Handcrafted Rugs + Carpets is a forward-thinking collection with a wide range of applications, unique in its aesthetic and unmatched in the world of rug designs. “Griglia” meaning ’Grid’ in Italian is a subtle geometry based on the scale of a knot.

GRIGLIA was designed knot by knot and line by line on a grid of squares 2.5mm x 2.5mm, and each piece is hand-knotted in 100 knots per square inch by Tappeti’s talented artisans in Nepal. Hand making rugs to this level of intricacy took over 18 months in research and development to enable consistency. This process relied heavily on collaboration with the makers who hand-knot the rugs using ancestorial craft traditions. This collection celebrates weaving and hand-knotting, with the skill of the artisans at the heart of the design.

The collection is a reinterpretation of traditional woven rugs, creating a framework for the patterns in each design. Each individual piece was designed in layers using a base grid as the basis for an improvisation in directional shapes, textures, and chromatics. Whilst the designs may not initially seem complex, they are detailed and work with the harmony of the woven texture. The subtlety of the detail in the base of the rug and the movement of the lines of colours across the plane of the rugs brings life to these pieces, where the individual’s relationship to the piece changes with distance, where with proximity to a piece one can appreciate finite details and with distance fields of colour blur into each other creating gentle colour spectrums.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Tappeti promise. Grigila uses biodegradable fibres that are locally sourced in Nepal where possible. Tappeti carefully crafted a fresh palette based on extensive trend forecasting beyond 2023 and took inspiration from traditional sources, to create a range with a unique aesthetic. This collection is made to order, where any yarns are batch-dyed to order to reduce waste and pollution, and the dyes are not harmful to the environment. Customisable in terms of scale, size, shape and colour the collection is malleable and can be adapted to suit any space, where time allows for a completely unique, bespoke piece.