Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: Duke of Design

Photography: Elyne Barr

Duke of Design have completed a stunning kitchen design project that beautifully integrates sophisticated aesthetics with nature-inspired elements. The client’s vision for the renovation was to create a space that exudes luxurious charm while embracing the beauty of nature.

The kitchen design objectives were carefully planned to achieve the desired ambiance and functionality. Embracing nature’s touch was a key aspect, with the captivating view of Hyde Park visible from the kitchen area serving as a source of tranquillity and inspiration. To achieve timeless elegance, Duke of Design utilised premium materials such as marble and real wood veneer, imparting a sense of refined sophistication.

Ensuring functional ergonomics was crucial, tailored to the specific needs of the client’s tall stature for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Subtle metal accents, including a tasteful use of gold finish, were introduced to add a touch of opulence while maintaining a balanced and sophisticated overall look.

The lighting design was carefully curated to serve both practical purposes and artistic expression. Designer pendant fixtures were used above the kitchen island, providing a striking visual statement. The lighting system was adjustable through a home automation system, allowing the client to create various moods and ambiance for different occasions.

A distinctive entrance concept and pantry area were developed, making them focal points of the overall experience. Reflecting the elegant charm of the kitchen’s interior, the entrance added to the memorable and inviting atmosphere of the space.

Duke of Design expressed their delight with this unique project, where the client’s willingness to take design risks allowed them to achieve a one-of-a-kind kitchen. The level of detail and craftsmanship invested in the project proved to be a rewarding challenge.

The final result is a kitchen that exudes timeless elegance, harmoniously connecting with nature and reflecting sophistication in every aspect. The versatile design also allows for transformation into a luxurious bar, providing the client with an exceptional space to entertain guests. With this successful kitchen design, Duke of Design continues to showcase their expertise in creating breath taking and personalised interior spaces.