Location: Vancouver, BC

Architect: Scott Posno

Interior Designer: Sophie Burke Design

Construction Company: Eyco Building Group

Photography: Ema Peter Photography

Sophie Burke Design took on the remarkable challenge of overhauling a 1912 heritage home, resulting in a complete transformation that breathed new life into the space while honouring its historical significance. The project involved preserving the original building profile, while extensively reconfiguring the floor plan to open up the interior and create a more modern ambiance. 

Attention to detail was evident throughout the project, as character details like high baseboards and back-band trim were meticulously reproduced. The introduction of painted and white oak panelling, along with bespoke cabinetry featuring modified face frames or thin shaker door profiles, beautifully showcased a youthful nod to heritage styles. A coffered and painted wood-clad ceiling visually connected the living spaces, while white oak and blackened steel metalwork infused the home with warmth and tactility, grounding the overall design concept. Thoughtfully selected impactful lighting and modern Scandinavian furnishings contributed to a current and unpretentious aesthetic.

The heart of the main floor living space was the kitchen, which seamlessly integrated with the open-plan layout. To maintain flexibility and privacy, an intimate den was cleverly concealed behind pocket doors that disappeared behind the kitchen cabinetry. The den, characterised by a darker palette, lush textures, and snug proportions, quickly became a cherished gathering area for the family.

One of the standout features of the home was the use of wide plank panelling, which added a modern and fresh twist to the space. The panelling was employed in two variations: painted in the stairwell and primary bedroom for a crisp and contemporary look and left in its natural oak state in the office and powder room, exuding warmth and organic beauty.

The transformation of the home was truly remarkable. From a previously disjointed and dark space, it blossomed into an open, airy, and bright haven, perfectly suited for a family-friendly lifestyle. The design seamlessly incorporated beachy elements, paying homage to the coastal environment and nearby beaches. Shiplap panelling on the ceiling and kerf cuts on the millwork evoked a coastal charm, while a light and fresh colour palette and breezy fabrics, like the flowing linen curtains, added to the coastal-inspired ambiance.

Sophie Burke Design collaborated with local artisans and craftsmen to create bespoke elements that added depth and uniqueness to the home. Steel shower doors, kitchen shelving, and living room cabinets were expertly crafted by local metal fabricators, while hand-applied plaster walls adorned the primary ensuite shower. Custom furniture from OpenSpace, a local joiner, added a personalised touch and enhanced the overall design concept.