Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Interior Designer: Aysha Nassar Interiors

Photography: Limina Studios and AAK Photography

Aysha Nassar Interiors embarked on a comprehensive interior design journey to create a six-bedroom family home that seamlessly blends classical elegance with modern functionality, resulting in a harmonious and timeless space, the Lustre Villa.

The client prioritised the quality of craftsmanship and sought to invest in enduring pieces that would last a lifetime. This emphasis on longevity allowed Aysha Nassar Interiors to focus on selecting the finest materials and implementing meticulous craftsmanship, guaranteeing that the villa’s interiors would withstand the test of time. Aysha Nassar Interiors undertook the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of the project, from interior architecture and bespoke joinery to furniture selection, supervision, and styling, ensuring a successful outcome.

Architectural features such as arches and mouldings add a touch of timeless elegance, serving as focal points that enhance the overall design and evoke a sense of grandeur. Intricate woodwork, ceiling and flooring designs, and trimmings further contribute to the villa’s charm and sophistication.

One of the most captivating aspects of the Lustre Villa is the seamless fusion of classical design elements with contemporary touches. This deliberate contrast infuses the space with a dynamic energy, engaging the senses and inviting exploration of the rich layers of design within. Clean lines, minimalist forms, and innovative materials bring a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to the villa while paying homage to the timeless beauty of classical design.

The Lustre Villa’s design also harmoniously complements the architectural style prevalent in its surrounding area. Thoughtful landscaping techniques, such as native plantings and outdoor living areas, seamlessly connect the interior with the natural surroundings. By maximising views of the natural landscape through strategic placement of openings and large windows, the design establishes a visual connection with the outdoors, allowing residents to feel connected to nature.

The expertise of skilled craftsmen in various fields were enlisted for this project. From carpet making to marble specialisation and wrought iron craftsmanship, these artisans played a crucial role in realising the design’s beauty and functionality. The marble specialists supplied and installed exquisite marble throughout the villa, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship in the creation of a captivating basket weave-inspired marble pattern in the formal entrance. The wrought iron manufacturers meticulously crafted the intricate stair railing design, allowing for customisation and selection of the perfect colour and ambiance. The carpet makers skilfully crafted hand-tufted rugs that added luxury and visual interest to specific areas while creating a cohesive focal point with a stunning runner that gracefully enveloped the staircase.