Location: Florida

Architect: Herscoe Hajjar Architects

Interior Design: Leslie Christian of LCDesigns, Inc.

Construction: Zynda Construction

Photography: Glenn Bucalo of Target Group Media

LC Designs, Inc was commissioned by private clients to undertake a remodel and addition of a Florida waterfront home, transforming the original 6,500 sq. ft. dwelling into a modern and unique 12,000 sq. ft. retreat. As part of the project, LC Designs, Inc also created a new pavilion, set amidst a custom-designed resort landscaping oasis.

The living room spaces were striking and meticulously designed, and the master suite turned out to be a particularly impressive feature of the property. The resort-like landscaping complements the interior spaces perfectly, making it hard to choose a favorite aspect of the project. The overall design concept was based on the clients’ desire for a modern and comfortable living space, where they could relax and enjoy the Florida lifestyle.

To achieve this, LC Designs, Inc carefully selected colors, products, and textures that would blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a harmonious connection between the property and its location. Every aspect of the project was custom designed, including the porcelain clad 2-story living room fireplace, the floor and wall tile selections and patterns, lighting selections and usage, custom cabinetry, intricate ceiling details, furniture selections, and the color palette.

The result is a stunning, cohesive design that meets the clients’ brief for a modern, comfortable, and luxurious home. LC Designs, Inc has successfully transformed a tired property into a breathtaking retreat, with a custom-designed resort-style landscaping that enhances the overall aesthetic of the property.