Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: Inga Kopala

Architect: Michael Schranz

Photography: David Giles

Amberth recently completed a kitchen project in the heart of London, commissioned by Architect Michael Schranz. The challenge was to craft a kitchen masterpiece that seamlessly integrated with the prevailing Douglas fir theme in the house, creating a harmonious flow between spaces.

Known for their eye for elegance and functionality, Amberth’s designers set out to combine Scandinavian style with contemporary tranquillity. The result was a culinary oasis radiating warmth and sophistication, inviting all who entered to savour its embrace.

Collaborating closely with the Architect was vital to ensure the kitchen aligned with the vision of lightness and natural wood prevalent throughout the house. As Douglas fir was already used in various spaces, incorporating it into the kitchen provided continuity and a seamless transition. Designed for a busy family of four who enjoyed cooking, the layout and storage were meticulously planned for maximum efficiency. Tall units reached the ceiling, optimizing every inch of available space, while stainless steel worktops provided a sleek and practical preparation area.

The selection of Douglas fir veneer doors required meticulous hand staining to achieve the desired finish and tone, contributing to the kitchen’s unique character and charm.

In the end, Amberth surpassed all expectations, skilfully weaving together design, functionality, and ambiance to create a kitchen that was not only a culinary haven but also a true work of art. The project stood as a testament to visionary design and the seamless integration of architecture and interior elements, leaving a lasting impression on all who experienced it.

The harmonious blend of different materials used in the kitchen, including natural marble and stainless steel, not only enhances functionality but also reflects Amberth’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, benefiting both the environment and the client.

Amberth’s dedication to creating spaces that combine beauty, functionality, and sustainability shines through in this kitchen masterpiece, showcasing their expertise in kitchen design and commitment to providing the best possible value for their clients.