Location: Yorkshire, UK

Associated: Niche Audio Visual

Photography: Mark Reeves Photography

Brownlow Furniture recently completed a remarkable kitchen project that showcases the perfect fusion of the clients’ desires and the company’s vision for a modern family home within a new eco super home.

The project began with a concrete slab, and Brownlow Furniture worked closely with the client to develop the interior, ensuring it matched the charm of the exterior. Situated in Yorkshire’s green belt, the property required a design that displayed complete independence and originality to meet planning requirements for such a unique home.

One standout feature of this project is the indoor to outdoor kitchen serving area. The large aluminium sliding window exposes a stonework surface outside, seamlessly connected to the kitchen’s quartzite worksurface. This thoughtful design creates a harmonious area for passing food on sunny days, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The kitchen design successfully bridges the gap between an extremely modern new building and the desired warm, homely, family residence. The challenge of lighting such a vast space was overcome by a hanging light raft that brings the light fixtures down to an appropriate level, preventing the space from feeling too vast for everyday use.

Brownlow Furniture’s skilled cabinet makers crafted the cabinetry and panelling, including the live-edge walnut island seating area and dining table, at their workshop in Cheshire. Each element was carefully produced, from the raw timber form to the finished spray-painted product. A special detail that adds a touch of elegance to the design is the brass dovetail shapes inlaid into the solid walnut plank top.

The completed kitchen reflects Brownlow Furniture’s commitment to creating bespoke spaces that harmonize the client’s vision with innovative design concepts. The collaboration between the clients and Brownlow Furniture has resulted in a kitchen that not only meets the functional needs of a modern family but also elevates the space with sophistication and style.