Location: Dublin, Ireland

Interior Designer: Gail Wall Morris, Wall Morris Design

Joinery: Newtown Woodworks

AV: Cloney Audio

Photography: Gareth Byrne

This luxurious home cinema is dressed in red velvet, dark oak and bronze finishes, it features custom individual seats and specialist joinery to cleverly conceal the sophisticated AV system.

The design brief for Wall Morris Design was to create a striking cinema room in an existing home for a family of movie lovers. The colour scheme was to be dramatic red, with custom commissioned cinema chairs and a raised platform level to truly give that cinema feel. The room was to also feature a local smart system, 7 speakers with a sub-woofer and projector and a control 4 system with custom cinema screen.

As this was a renovation to a room in an existing house, in order to eliminate any wet building works, Wall Morris Design created a second skin inside the room by panelling out the walls and ceiling – as part of the joinery package. This allowed the designers to block up a door and window that was no longer needed and to add insulation at the new cavity to improve the acoustics in the room, by lining the new walls in a special red velvet, acoustic wallcovering.

The nature of a cinema is in fact, to close itself off from the rest of the world. The idea of the space being a cocoon, a place for getting away from it all, creating its own separate environment. The moment you walk in to this room, you enter an atmosphere – the sense of luxury, the acoustics, the level of finish is otherworldly.