Location: Surrey, UK

Interior Designer: Hill House Interiors

Developer: Park Lane Developments

Kitchen Design: Humphrey Munson in association with Hill House Interiors

Photography: Ray Main

Hill House Interiors, renowned for their impeccable luxury designs, has recently completed a breathtaking interior design project in collaboration with developer Park Lane—a newly built six-bedroom family residence located within the prestigious Burwood Park estate in Surrey. This remarkable project seamlessly blends luxury design with a sense of laidback sophistication.

The owners of this magnificent family home embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from an Edwardian townhouse in London to a newly constructed mansion in Surrey. This transformation sparked a vision for their new home, one that sought to incorporate the period architectural details they cherished from their previous residence, infusing the new space with character. Hill House Interiors embraced this desire and embarked on creating a design that exudes a sense of “laidback luxury.”

From the outset, it was evident that the clients desired more than just neutral tones for their interior design. As a family with three young boys, they sought a transitional design approach that would allow their home to evolve and adapt as their family grows. Hill House Interiors expertly layered a neutral foundation, artfully introducing gentle hues through tasteful soft furnishings and accessories, creating a harmonious and timeless aesthetic.

One of the key elements of the project brief was the meticulous balance between distinct adult and children’s spaces, seamlessly integrating versatile zones that blend the two. Each area called for specific specifications tailored to its purpose. In the open-plan family area, encompassing the kitchen, informal dining space, and family room, the focus was on incorporating stylish furniture upholstered in durable fabrics. This selection not only maintained the desired aesthetic but also ensured easy maintenance, accommodating the demands of family life without compromising on style.

In contrast, the dining room and drawing room emanate an air of formality. These spaces are adorned with a profusion of sumptuous, opulent fabrics and furnishings, creating a captivating ambiance exclusively designed for adults. The result is visually striking and exquisitely beautiful environments that exude elegance and sophistication, offering a perfect setting for entertaining and relaxation.

Hill House Interiors has once again demonstrated their expertise in creating extraordinary luxury interiors, meticulously crafting a residence that seamlessly combines distinct areas for adults and children, all while maintaining a cohesive design language. The result is a remarkable family home that effortlessly marries luxury with laidback sophistication, offering a space that will evolve alongside the family’s needs and desires.