Location: Surrey, UK

Interior Designer: Patsy Blunt Interiors

Photography: Nick Smith

Patsy Blunt Interiors has recently completed a remarkable residential project that seamlessly blends formal Regency style with relaxed family living. This stunning four-bedroom townhouse, spanning four floors, has been meticulously designed to integrate contemporary elements within classic architectural details, offering a tranquil retreat with a neutral and soft tone colour palette.

Patsy Blunt Interiors took on the task of creating bespoke internal joinery, soft furnishings, and delivering a comprehensive turnkey service. The clients, who are semi-retired, sought a weekend home that would provide respite from the bustling city life. The design brief called for a calm and relaxing environment that would also facilitate entertaining family and guests.

To fulfil the clients’ vision, Patsy Blunt Interiors employed a predominantly neutral colour palette, crafting an inviting and luxurious rural retreat. By combining woven linens, subtle patterns, and soft hues, the design seamlessly aligned with the clients’ refined taste, creating a harmonious fusion of design and architecture.

In line with the surrounding natural landscape, the clients expressed a desire to incorporate more natural and textured fabrics throughout the property. The Formal Drawing Room, with its soothing palette accentuated by hints of soft green, perfectly complements the picturesque view of the parkland that extends behind the house.

While the focus was on creating a calming interior scheme, Patsy Blunt Interiors ensured that each room possessed its own distinctive personality. Accent colors were thoughtfully introduced, allowing each space to exude its own identity while maintaining a luxurious ambiance that gracefully permeates the entire house.

Moreover, the design process prioritized comfort, particularly in the relaxed lounge situated on the lower ground floor. Recognizing the occasional use of the property by the clients’ adult children and their friends, Patsy Blunt Interiors designed a more casual area where relaxation and socialization could be enjoyed. Additional joinery, including an integrated dressing table, was incorporated into guest bedrooms, providing ample storage and ensuring a comfortable stay for visitors.

The result is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elegance, meticulously tailored to the clients’ personal style while accommodating the demands of modern-day living. Patsy Blunt Interiors has successfully brought the clients’ vision to life, crafting a timeless and inviting home that strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and practicality.