Location: Canada

Interior Designer: Aness Handous 

Construction Company : Tailored Interior Inc

Photography: Sharon Litchfield 

In Canada, a newly completed interior design project by Tailored Interior Inc has been attracting attention for its innovative approach and inspiration. The project was completed by the award-winning company, which drew on their experience at the International Design & Architecture Awards 2022 in London, England, for the design.

Tailored Interior Inc was struck by the natural beauty and greenery of London during their descent into the city, and this served as the inspiration for the project. The goal was to bring together the most beautiful natural elements and textures into one space to create an inspired and therapeutic atmosphere. The finished result was designed to make visitors feel like they were taking a walk through one of the many beautiful parks in London. 

The design is based on a palette of colors and textures that work together naturally to create a cohesive and calming environment. The company utilized a variety of specialist artisan skills to achieve this, including hand-made metal millwork hardware, Arabesque natural stone application on the feature wall, and the staining, treatment, and application of oak pieces on the feature wall fireplace in the living area. 

The feature wall fireplace in the living space is a particular highlight of the project and is the company’s favorite key piece. The fireplace is set against the backdrop of the feature wall, which is covered in natural stone and features unique metal millwork hardware. The oak pieces are treated and applied to create a sense of warmth and texture that adds to the overall ambiance of the room. 

The finished project has been widely praised for its unique and innovative approach to interior design and is already attracting interest from prospective buyers. Tailored Interior Inc’s success at the International Design & Architecture Awards 2022 has added to the interest in the project, and the completed result is a testament to the company’s skill and vision. 

Overall, the project is a great example of how inspiration can come from unexpected places, and how a skilled company can bring together natural elements to create a unique and beautiful space. The finished result is a testament to the power of design to transform a space and create an atmosphere that is both inspiring and therapeutic.