Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: Hoban Design

Kitchen: Brayer Design

Architect: Hoban Design

Construction: Bailey & Jones Ltd

Photography: Astrid Templier

Hoban Design, a London-based interior design firm, has recently completed a stunning refurbishment and extension project in Wimbledon, showcasing a mix of contemporary and traditional styles with interestingly sourced materials and vibrant furniture.

The project’s design brief was to reorganize the period house, particularly the master suite, and create varied and vibrant interior design-led spaces. The client, an art collector, had an abundance of artwork to house, leading to the incorporation of “gallery” style lighting in the main reception room. Additionally, the client’s desire to use “British” marble inspired the designers to use varied “Stones of Britain” for various elements of the house, including the kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity, and floor, as well as freestanding furniture.

The key aspect of the project is the successful mix of contemporary styles with traditional details, interestingly sourced materials, and vibrant furniture. The design fulfills the basic architectural space in its layout, providing an ever-changing journey of styles and aesthetics through the house that all maintain a common thread, be it in a certain style, a handle detail, or the British Marble.

Hoban Design’s innovative approach to the project has resulted in a luxury and sumptuous space that beautifully showcases the client’s art collection. The house’s reorganization has also created a functional and practical space for modern living, while maintaining the period home’s charm and character.

One of the most striking features of the refurbishment and extension project is the master suite, which has been transformed into a spacious and elegant retreat. The designers utilized the traditional architecture of the period home and combined it with contemporary elements to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to the master suite, the rest of the house is filled with vibrant furniture and interestingly sourced materials. The kitchen, for example, features a unique British marble worktop that is both functional and visually striking. The bathroom, on the other hand, has a luxurious and spa-like feel, with a British marble vanity and floor.

Overall, the Wimbledon refurbishment and extension project by Hoban Design is a stunning example of how a mix of contemporary and traditional styles, interestingly sourced materials, and vibrant furniture can create a functional and luxurious space that beautifully showcases the client’s art collection.