Location: Ireland 

Interior Designer: Fay Interior Living 

Photography: Derek Robinson

Situated on a splendid avenue within the idyllic Mall of regional Ireland, a distinguished period property forms part of a charming row of Georgian townhouses, charmingly complemented by a majestic line of Horsechestnut trees. This remarkable edifice, boasting a two-storey configuration comprising four bedrooms over a basement, boasts commendable proportions, high ceilings, and lofty windows, serving as an ideal canvas for a comprehensive refurbishment endeavor.

The discerning expertise of interior designer Fay Interior Living was enlisted to undertake this transformation, seeking to imbue the residence with a welcoming ambiance while enhancing its functionality and introducing ample storage provisions. The client’s desire for bathrooms evoking a spa-like ambiance further inspired the undertaking. Notably, the client had thus far utilized the basement and bedroom areas, neglecting the ground floor that featured two reception rooms. Fay Interior Living’s task was to seamlessly blend these spaces while retaining the magnificence of the large gilt console table, mirror, and marble floor adorning the hallway.

To manifest an aura of sophistication, a neutral color palette was thoughtfully integrated, enlivening the residence with a bright, elegant atmosphere exuding tranquility and enhanced by select touches of modern aesthetics. In pursuit of timelessness and sustainability, Fay Interior Living judiciously selected classic materials such as hardwoods and marble, their enduring allure promising to gracefully age alongside the home’s heritage.

Enlisting the services of expert joiners, accomplished marble fabricators, and skilled decorative plaster specialists, Fay Interior Living ensured that every detail of the refurbishment was executed with the utmost precision and artistry. The harmonious amalgamation of their talents translated into a symphony of craftsmanship, with bespoke carpentry, exquisite marble work, and ornate plaster embellishments adding depth and character to the dwelling’s renewed interior.

Through diligent collaboration and a deep appreciation for the property’s inherent charm, Fay Interior Living succeeded in transforming this period residence into a contemporary haven that artfully interweaves its historical grandeur with modern-day allure. With renewed vitality and an air of timeless elegance, the refurbished abode now stands as a testament to the prowess of both the interior designer and the artisans whose expertise brought this vision to life.