Location: Doha City

Interior Designer: Sionna Designs Studio

Sionna Designs Studio presented their design brief for a prestigious villa located in the vibrant city of Doha, Qatar. Engaged from the early stages of the project, the talented team at Sionna Designs Studio was entrusted with the task of creating a harmonious blend of moods, colours, and bespoke elements throughout the villa, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated design.

The client’s preferences played a pivotal role in shaping the design. They expressed a fondness for oriental deep dark colours, particularly emerald green and sapphire blue, which they desired to be prominently featured in the bold living areas such as the living and dining rooms. Sionna Designs Studio aimed to evoke a sense of opulence and drama in these spaces. In contrast, the client sought serene and calming pastel colours for the bedrooms, creating a peaceful oasis for rest and relaxation.

Taking a holistic approach, Sionna Designs Studio developed a design concept that seamlessly integrated the contrasting colour palettes while maintaining an overall sense of cohesion and harmony. The living and dining areas exuded sophistication, incorporating luxurious materials, rich textures, and carefully selected statement pieces that complemented the oriental aesthetic. Subtle accents of gold or brass were strategically incorporated to add a touch of glamour without compromising on elegance. The bedrooms, on the other hand, were transformed into serene sanctuaries, employing a soft pastel colour palette, gentle lighting, plush textiles, and custom-designed furniture that prioritized comfort and relaxation.

To fulfill the client’s desire for luxury details, Sionna Designs Studio meticulously curated tasteful accents and selected refined finishes. State-of-the-art chandeliers graced all main formal and reception areas, elevating the ambiance and serving as captivating focal points. Each chandelier was carefully chosen to reflect the grandeur and sophistication sought by the client, while ensuring a tasteful and elegant design.

Moreover, Sionna Designs Studio acknowledged the significance of integrating the design into the wider environment of Doha. They respected the cultural context, harmonised with the local architecture, incorporated sustainable practices, and engaged with the natural surroundings.

Within the vibrant green living area, Sionna Designs Studio collaborated with talented artisans from Syria to create bespoke furniture pieces that showcased exceptional craftsmanship and artistry. The team meticulously designed exquisite coffee tables and chests of drawers, each adorned with intricate mother-of-pearl inlay work. These pieces highlighted the studio’s attention to detail and commitment to exquisite design.