Location: New Zealand

Architect: Chris Wilson

Interior Designer: Ben Lewis

Photograhy: Hamish Lewis

Trenzseater, a renowned design firm, was commissioned by their clients to undertake the interior design of their luxurious seaside vacation home in New Zealand. The objective for this esteemed project was to create a design that harmonized with the existing architecture and the surrounding ocean landscape, while avoiding excessive extravagance. Trenzseater aimed to introduce captivating layers of texture and design into every aspect of the interior, while ensuring a functional space that exuded comfort and livability for the clients.

Trenzseater’s design included custom-made furniture pieces crafted from solid oak parquetry, adorned with elegant blue gun steel detailing, and harmonized by a serene blue and white color palette. Mirrors were strategically employed to accentuate the lofty heights and grand proportions in various areas, while wallpapers contributed intricate detailing to the expansive atrium. 

Trenzseater strives to achieve a sophisticated balance of layers that captivate the eye, providing interest, meticulous detail, and timeless elegance. The resulting interior design strikes a harmonious chord—it is balanced, layered, and textured, offering an environment that is both relatable and inspiring, while maintaining an inviting and relaxed ambiance.

The use of natural materials, products, and finishes not only complements the existing architecture but also harmonizes with the stunning sea views that surround the private property. Each element of the design was meticulously tailored to the specifications and selections made in collaboration with the clients. 

In conclusion, Trenzseater successfully executed the interior design of the luxury seaside holiday home. Their commitment to achieving a harmonious balance of design elements, their dedication to collaboration with the clients, and their penchant for pushing the boundaries of design culminated in an interior that effortlessly marries elegance, sophistication, and comfort.