Project Name: Lowndes Square

Location: Knightsbridge, London

Interior Designer: Luxit Interiors

Construction Company: Klimstar Construction

This project involved the complete re-design and re-configuration of an 85 square metre Knightsbridge apartment, overlooking one of London’s most prestigious squares, into a luxurious pied-a-terre. The client purchased the property for his family to stay in during business trips and school holidays. Therefore, to meet his family’s needs the space required re-configuring to allow for a more ergonomical layout. The original layout consisted of two bedrooms, one bathroom, reception room and kitchen without dining facilities and we were asked to further incorporate a master ensuite and eat-in kitchen/dining area.

As the property was left untouched for around forty years, Luxit Interiors had to carry out a full strip out of the apartment followed by a completely new installation of mechanical and electrical services. In addition, every interior architectural detail and base build finish needed to be considered, new bathrooms and kitchen specified, plus a turn key solution of bespoke joinery, furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories. Whilst keen to incorporate strong colours, it was also imperative to instil elegance and luxury into the design which was accomplished through the underlying use of gold tones and specialist finishes, as well as all key pieces being bespoke made.

One key aspect for the client was that the apartment felt as light and spacious as possible given its relatively small footprint. Luxit Interiors therefore reconfigured the kitchen and reception layout, removing a wall and replacing this with a bespoke glass partition. This was designed as a series of alternating glass and mirror panels with gold wire mesh sandwiched between the glass and finished with a gold metal trim detail. The metallic element of the mesh glimmers in the light creating a further sense of luxury. From a functional perspective any unwanted kitchen cooking smells are contained, although you still have the feeling that the two spaces work as one.

Luxit Interiors, as a design studio, prides itself on being able to interpret a client’s aspiration for their property and works closely with them to bring their vision to life. By not having a house style the designers are always challenging themselves and pushing creative boundaries, as well as their own artistic passion, in different design forms. This project is a prime example of this ethos. As Luxit Interiors started with a blank canvas, they were able to personally work through every aspect of the design in great detail to ensure the functional as well as the aesthetic success of the design. This is also true from the client’s perspective in that Luxit Interiors were successful in interpreting his stylistic goals. Also, as it was a turn key solution, the designers were able to beautifully dress the property to add the all-important finishing touches.