Project Name: Palazzo Sul Mare

Location: Sydney, Australia

Interior Designer: Palazzo Disegno

Construction Company: Palazzo Disegno

The stand-out feature of the villa is the luxury hotel styling using Italian materials combined with superior craftsmanship. The client’s numerous visits to the Dubai and Gold Coast Palazzo Versace Hotels directed their brief towards a lifestyle that would offer them a home combined with the hotel style experience. Palazzo Design went to visit the hotel with the client and noted all preferred finishes and materials and functional use of space.

Palazzo Design’s priority was to design all the room layouts and functional areas with thought for all family members living together and ensuring individual privacy. The common areas were designed with multipurpose living spaces to allow all family members to enjoy the home in solitude or together. The material choices and design aesthetics were passionately thought out to ensure a luxury 5-star boutique hotel feel with an intimate ambiance. All functionally of services including cabling, switches, GPO positions and air-conditioning were painstakingly designed to be invisible to the eye upon walking through each interior environment.

Palazzo Design’s favourite aspect is the use of marble and mosaics throughout this project. The marble was selected by sample from Italy and needed Italian craftsmen to hand lay the entire floor areas in intricate patterns combining with oversized central medallion designs. The designers further applied our feature marble Giallo Sienna on the triple spiral staircase to the rooftop and a custom 40mm halfdrop bullnose was designed for all step treads. Palazzo Design also designed all decorative mosaics combining many marble colours and textures, creating flowers and leaves for a classical Italian style softening the strong marble patterns throughout the floor area.

The design works so well because the use of natural materials combined with honed and matte finishes that allow the rich natural colours to present beautifully by the open sea. The materials softer finish allowed the client to purchase their Versace furniture in typical rich fabrics and finishes allowing the necessary balance of ambiance for the entire room. The harmony achieved by combining the rich colours of the natural materials selected with the sea is the key feature that integrates the project to the wider environment. Each level embraces the surrounding beach and open water by offering breath-taking views through full length windows and automatic bi-fold door opening over the garden and the terrace by the sea.