Project Name: Sky
Location: New York, NY
Date Completed: November 2016
Interior Designer: Designed by Woulfe

This Midtown New York apartment is the ultimate cocktail lounge-come-home, with rich varnished wooden furniture, chic metallic accents and Mid-Century design silhouettes. The brief was to create a sleek, luxurious place that basks in the city that surrounds it. The advantageous altitude of the property was certainly a starting point when designing the brief, and it remains one of the most striking aspects of the scheme.

There is a surplus of natural light flowing into every corner of the home, and the last thing the designers wanted to do was fit window treatments that compromised this rare commodity. The brief specified beauty at all hours of the day, from first light to the golden hours of sunset. The home is just as impactful in a rain storm too. Designed by Woulfe love the way the space reacts to its exterior environment, whatever the weather. The outside acts as organic, changing artwork.

The designers wanted to achieve a sophisticated space with many beautiful pieces of furniture like stools, console tables, armchairs and sofas. To ensure that the sense of space was unobstructed, Designed by Woulfe used slim-line furniture silhouettes and a tinted glass coffee table. This means that your line of vision is uninterrupted as the space unravels before you. The vast sense of space in the home is aided by a large mirror positioned behind the console table in the main living space.

The designers used a very limited colour palette for this penthouse, comprised of muted jewel tones and golden accents. All the tones are underscored and reiterated in the fragmented rug in the living room, which is in turn reflected in the golden legs of the coffee table. Finally, the brief rested on the notion of creating a truly social space for entertaining. The bar cabinet was non-negotiable, and breathes an edge into the home as the spirit bottles catch the evening sun.