Location : New York 

Architect: SHoP Architect 

Interior designers : Residence 42 / Rita Chraibi & Building interiors / Studio Sofield 


Photography : ADRIAN GAUT 

57th Street private residence is a full-floor unit curated by Interior Designers by Rita Chraibi featuring special pieces from Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection, the Maison’s beautifully crafted travel-inspired objects. This is the first time that Louis Vuitton decides to exhibit its collection in a new real estate project. 

The designers wanted to demonstrate that the world of fashion and interior design could be combined within the same space and create an elegant and cozy atmosphere. The design process included a lot of scenography to make each object of this collection stand out as per Louis Vuitton’s wishes as well as humanizing this interior despite its strong artistic aspect. 

International Designers by Rita Chraibi approached this project by working on the coordination of colors and shapes of these objects and implementing them through the interior. Most of these objects have rounded, sensual shapes, and some of them are a direct inspiration from the ocean, such as the coral shape of the Anemone table by Atelier Biagetti and the ocean floor-inspired Bombocca sofa by Campana Brothers. The selection of monochrome colors throughout the space was made to allow these objects to be in symbiosis within this living space and offer a haven of peace. Since Louis Vuitton is also well-known for its leather work, the designers have also referred to it by implementing some lounge chairs by Marcel Wanders Studio. 

This design works so well because, despite the challenge, the Designers beautifully made these unique and artistic objects coexist in the same space, and not only harmoniously but also thoughtfully to create a living space that will be both elegant and warm.