Location:  Vancouver
Architect: RAAW Design
Interior Designer: RAAW Design
Construction Company: RAAW Contracting Ltd
Photographer Credit: RAAW Design studio (Jeremy Z. Lei)

The Adera Residence is a hidden gem in a westside Vancouver neighbourhood. Designed with a careful balance between Classical-inspired details and bold strides toward modern elegance, this private estate represents the pinnacle of customized interiors and luxury projects. Creating a fine balance between French architecture and Oriental elegance, the interiors gracefully orchestrate the East’s beauty and the West’s elegance through bespoke designs and mindfulness to reinventing heritage.

RAAW Design & Associates were challenged with a complicated brief; the clients, with deep cultural ties to their Chinese heritage, came from a traditional background yet desired a Canadian residence that was unique from their motherland. They enjoyed European art, history, and culinary cultures, while they wished to pay homage to their heritage through design. There is a dialogue between old-world classicism and modernity, where the interiors are shaped by a unique approach to humble luxury, personalised functionality, and refined elegance. Carefully selected and curated, each element in the interior space responds to a specific motif that is echoed in its architectural and landscape architectural counterparts. The result is a beautiful residence that cohesively represents both worlds throughout time.

The project utilises multiple hand-crafted details that embed a longevity in the design. High-performance materials, finishes, and products are used for resilience, such as the 5.5mm top layer black walnut engineered flooring that allows for multiple refinishing/sanding over time avoiding renovations and replacements. Quality hand-made finishes, furniture, and decor are heirloom pieces for future generations. From hand-applied gold-leaf interior cove ceilings, to handmade jewellery hardware, bespoke woodwork details and handcrafted rugs, this project is filled with intriguing details that are awe-inspiring. Especially notable is the wallcovering, designed and sourced from Gracie Studio where handprinted details are evident throughout a connected mural, extending from the ground floor to the second floor.