Location: London, UK

Interior Designer: Pei Li

Construction: Icon Design

Photography: Benedicte Drummond

SP9 London has recently completed a stunning seven-storey townhouse project located in the prestigious Belgravia neighbourhood. The project was designed for a Hong Kong client who had a penchant for luxury and bespoke pieces.

The design team at SP9 London aimed to maintain the natural beauty and structure of the building while elevating its overall comfort and utility. The designers used exquisite materials and bespoke pieces to imbue opulence and elegance into the living space. Five grand chandeliers hand-crafted from brass and crystals are the focal point of the most stately spaces in the house, creating a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

The project also features site-specific artwork and exquisite handmade porcelain vases sourced from well-respected gallerist and ceramic artist, Peter Ting. The designers paired these pieces with classic mid-century furniture pieces that have been long sought after by the client. The six bedrooms are no exception to the luxurious design scheme, each lined with embroidered wallpaper in shades of oyster grey and furnished with contemporary armchairs in leather, veneers and brass that were created specifically for these spaces.

In addition to the lavish furnishings and bespoke pieces, the design team at SP9 London also focused on maximizing space utilization and redesigning the lighting scheme. The living space was designed with maximum functionality, while the lighting scheme was completely redesigned with functional and decorative features. Traditional fine craftsmanship was also introduced into the contemporary and glamorous setting, adding more personality and mood to the living space.

The grand chandeliers on the landings, light and airy colour scheme with some twists of colours were the design elements that stood out the most for SP9 London. The project successfully blends traditional fine craftsmanship with contemporary glamour, resulting in a luxurious living space that is both opulent and functional.