Location: Amsterdam

Interior Designer: Roelfien Vos 

Photography: Space Content Studio, Styling: Anouck Van Ramshorst

Roelfien Vos was granted unrestricted creative control to revive this historic edifice and transmute it into a welcoming haven for a family. At the outset, the house stood as a derelict remnant of its former glory, beset by graffiti, charred doorposts, water damage, dismantled staircases, and shattered windows. Endowed with the client’s unreserved trust, the designers embarked on the meticulous renovation endeavor, painstakingly resurrecting the original features that adorned the abode, spanning from the resplendent flooring to the ornate ceilings.

Underpinned by extensive archival research, the spatial arrangement of the house commenced, designed to harmonize seamlessly with the family’s lifestyle. Aptly positioned in the space that once witnessed the issuance of tickets and harbored the railway switch, the open kitchen now takes center stage, joined by the dining room, which once served as the station’s grand hall. The vestiges of the former station hall had been reduced to naught, prompting a comprehensive restoration of the ceilings, decorative plasterwork, and paneling.

Furthermore, the restoration efforts encompassed an extensive renovation of the living room, which formerly catered to the needs of the esteemed first-class passengers—awaiting their departures. Meticulous restoration work was undertaken to reinstate the fireplace, paneling, architraves, and doors, while the judicious use of warm and luminous hues ensured that an ambiance of coziness and tranquility prevailed.

As was often customary in railway stations, the station master resided on the top two floors of the building. Consequently, the station master’s former living room, complete with a resplendent fireplace, transformed, emerging as the present-day master bedroom, complete with spacious built-in wardrobes. In the new bathroom, the incorporation of small stones and a narrow underpass evoked nostalgic memories of the bygone train era, adding a distinctive touch.

Through the skilled hands and discerning vision of Roelfien Vos, this neglected relic of transportation history has transcended its dilapidated state, embracing a new lease of life as an exquisite family abode.