Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Interior Designer: Kunal Trehan

Touched Interiors, led by Kunal Trehan, took on the remarkable task of completely renovating an iconic residence in Holywood, Belfast. This luxury private residence underwent a full turnkey renovation that spanned two years of design work and a meticulous six-month installation.

The client’s vision was to have an interior design that harmonized with the iconic architecture of the residence, exuding a sense of luxury, glamour, substance, and elegance. They entrusted Kunal’s renowned expertise in creating the finest interiors, desiring a home that reflected the epitome of quality design and craftsmanship through unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The use of exquisite stones, brass, and the finest woods became integral in achieving this vision of perfection.

The project involved upgrading various areas, including the bathrooms, kitchens, staircase, lighting design, and decor, which had all been stuck in a time warp. Some windows and the roofing structure also required attention after two decades of construction. Touched Interiors understood that cutting corners was not an option. Every aspect of the design, no matter how small, had to be executed flawlessly. It became evident from the outset that this was not a simple interior design project but a complex undertaking demanding a meticulous eye for detail.

Creating a harmonious flow throughout the home while maintaining the individual personality of each room was a key objective for the client. Two games rooms, a master suite fit for royalty, and an awe-inspiring entrance hallway were just a few of the spaces that would bring this vision to life.

The office, kitchen, and great hall were particularly significant spaces within the residence. While the office would see more frequent use, the great hall was designed to live up to its name, infused with a modern luxurious twist.

The foyer, entrance hall, and landings held great importance for both the client and Kunal Trehan. Every piece of furniture and detail within the home was custom-made for this project, creating a sensory awakening for anyone stepping inside. The client’s reaction on the reveal and handover day was one of astonishment and speechlessness during the walk-through. This moment is what Touched Interiors lives for, as it signifies the successful culmination of their work, surpassing the client’s expectations and delivering a result that truly captivates and delights.