Interior Designer, Architect : Sadim Alissa

Photography: Salsabeel Studio

This private residence from Sazar Design is a renovation project located in Saudi Arabia. The design was inspired by luxurious Asian contemporary style and interiors, with the renovation including the main entrance, the guest salon, and the dining room. 

 One of the main design elements of this project is the implementation of a circular pattern throughout the space which can be seen in the door design, the partitions, accessories, curtains holders, and cabinet knobs. Sazar Design carefully selected luxurious materials to bring comfort, quality, detail, and sophistication to the interior. This refined appearance is even more highlighted by the use of neutral tones in each room.

As a renovation project, Sazar Design had to respect the architectural structure and create a space that would feel timeless, elegant, and inviting. For instance, they created an illusion of large windows by adding large curtains, putting the focus on some key aspects of the design such as the marble flooring in the entrance. All furniture pieces were custom-made for this specific project as well as each fabric and material was selected according to the design and client’s requirements. 

Lighting was designed and implemented to create different atmospheres and a balance between private and public, day and night. Some spotlights were also added to focus on some key elements of the interior such as wall art and accessories. This design works so well not only because it delivers a pleasing aesthetic but more specifically because each detail was carefully curated to emphasise on the quality of this interior.